Delivery, shipping and passing of risk

Depending upon availability, all goods are dispatched as soon as possible (within 1 – 14 working days). Should the requested item be out of stock, we will ensure that it is delivered as soon as possible, depending on whether the manufacturer has it in stock. Each delivery is accepted under reserve that we will be supplied in due time and form.

Delivery time for custom or special orders may take up to 4 weeks.

Any delivery dates or periods agreed upon as legally binding must be made in writing.

1. In case of goods that cannot be delivered for reasons beyond our control, we will deem the contract as having been fulfilled, if the items have been provided and the buyer notified. Delays due to cases of force majeure, disruption of transport or operative failures, strikes, shortage of raw materials and such like can lead to a reasonable extension of the delivery time. If delays continue beyond 4 weeks after conclusion of the contract, then each party is legally entitled to withdraw from this contract.

2. We are entitled to carry out partial deliveries at our own cost for any ordered items that are out of stock, in as far as this is deemed reasonable for the buyer.

3. The free delivery will take place in Europe with shipments over 130€, meanwhile in the rest of the world will be over 160€.